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Detective Lee Carlson’s job is to protect kids from abuse and exploitation. Day and night, she is drowned in images of child abuse, but worse than those images are the sounds, and worse than the images and sounds are the lies she tells to get perpetrators to confess to their crimes. Lee lives a lonely life, and is deadly focused on the job that is slowly driving her mad.  When her investigative eye points her toward her grandparents’ farmhouse, will Lee protect her family, or will she detonate a lifetime of lies?

* Developed through eQuinoxe Europe, and with the support of Manitoba Film and Music and Telefilm.

Vulnerable Persons

Jean and Ron Nobess’ fourth child Derek was special. Quieter than the other kids, he didn’t reach the milestones he should have been by certain ages. As Jean fought to uncover the truth of Derek’s condition, Ron struggled to provide for the family as he faced his own demons. No matter what, despite poverty, racism, and addiction, Jean and Ron’s deep love kept them going. Years of exhausting struggle revealed that Derek was autistic. When the authorities came to advise Jean and Ron that Derek was to be taken away and placed in an institution, a tireless court battle ensued that would forever change the way that people with mental disabilities were treated. Based on a true story.